Where is the best of ceramic fiber packing?


Compared with asbestos textiles, ceramic fiber textiles have the following advantages:
1) The continuous use temperature can reach 1000 °C, and the short-time use temperature can reach 1260 °C.
2) It has good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion and resistance to molten metal corrosion such as aluminum and zinc.
3) Good high temperature strength and thermal insulationceramic fiber ropeperformance (please refer to physical and chemical indicators).
4) Ceramic fiber cloth, tape, packing and other products using alkali-free glass fiber yarn as reinforcing material, which has higher electrical insulation and high-temperature electrical insulation than glass fiber.
5) Non-toxic, harmless, odorless.
Note: Xinxing ceramic fiber textiles contain about 15% organic fiber. When the temperature is used for the first time, as the temperature increases, the organic fiber in the product will gradually become carbonized and black, and there is smoke, localized may There is a fire, this is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the use. As the temperature continues to rise, the product will gradually turn white, the organic fiber is completely carbonized, and the product is completely ceramic fiber such as ceramic fiber (standard type). The content of the ceramic fiber cloth is white. The maximum temperature is 1260 °C. Direct 1-4μm heat shrinkage rate (1232°C, 24h) 3.5% thermal conductivity (538°C, 8pcf) 0.130w/mk Al2O3 content 45-48% Ferric oxide content 0.7-1.2% Calcium oxide and oxidation Nano content 0.43% Slag ball content <8.5% Breakdown voltage 5 kv/mm Body resistance 5×10 10 ohms 3w.xxceramic.cn Content indicator Color white thickness 1.5mm--6.0mm Single weight 0.5-3kg/m2 organic Fiber content <20% Moisture content <2% Reinforced material alkali-free glass fiber nickel-chromium wire (1Cr18Ni9Ti)