How to Clean Your Fireplace


Fireplace always paint a pleasant picture. But in order to completely enjoy the warm atmosphere fireplaces create, you�ll need to clean your fireplace regularly. If the China Fireplace Sealing Tapethought of having to clean your fireplace gets you fuming, then don�t worry, listed here are a few tips on how to clean your fireplace. It doesn�t have to be a long-drawn-out chore, and the end results will be well worth your time, as cleaning not only makes your fireplace look nicer, but it also keeps it safe.

Materials You�ll Need

Fireplace tools come equipped with a handy shovel and a broom, which can be used to clean your fireplace. Apart from these fireplace tools, you will need a few other materials to clean your fireplace.

* A heavy duty trash bag or a heavy duty box to easily and properly dispose of ash
* Newspapers and/or a roll of plastic
* Dust mask
* Latex or any heavy duty gloves
* Goggles to protect your eyes
* A heavy duty vacuum cleaner to clean up the residual ash
* A gallon of soapy warm water
* A stiff scrub brush
* A damp cloth

Steps for a Clean Fireplace

Once the fireplace has cooled completely, you are ready to clean your fireplace.

Put on your safety goggles, mask and gloves. First, mask off the area outside the fireplace with the plastic roll or newspaper and tape it securely to the ground. This will catch any flyaway ashes. Once you�re done cleaning the fireplace, you can toss the soiled plastic or newspaper. You should also remove any knick knacks or decorative items you may have on your mantle shelf.

Use your shovel and brush from the fire kit to remove any debris and gently dump it in your heavy duty box or bag until your fireplace has been swept clean. Make sure that you dump the ash slowly, as you don�t want to end up with a dust cloud and ash coating your interiors. Use the brush or vacuum to clean out the remaining ashes as much as you can.

After you�ve swept away all the ashes, get ready to clean your fireplace with a damp cloth. Wipe down all of the surfaces starting from the top. Rinse your cloth in the water, and continue wiping down all the surfaces in the fireplace until it�s clean.

You�re fireplace is now ready to be used again for those cozy fall and winter evenings.