How to replace the gasket on the oven door


Most gas oven seals are located on the door frame of the oven. When the door is closed, it will cling to the gasket. This kind of seal is usually fixed in the groove by friction and can be replaced. Some gas oven doors have two parts, and the gasket is installed between the front and rear parts instead of the door frame. Do not try to replace this type of gasket yourself, but call a professional service person for help. The following is the replacement method of the gasket installed on the door frame:

Step 1: Pull the old gasket out of the groove. Some gas ovens use screws tooven door sealing rope secure the gasket to the door frame. In order to reach the screw, bend the exposed edge of the gasket backward.

Clean the door frame and tank with a solution of mild household detergent and water.

When installing a new gasket, start from the top of the door frame, stick it down along the sides, and loosen the corners. Install the gaskets along the bottom and tap the ends to secure them firmly.