Why does fiberglass make you itchy?


Fiberglass makes you itchy because small fibers have come loose and are stuck in your skin. You can't see them, but they are there. Actually sometimes you can see them with the help of a really good magnifying glass.So how do you get them out might be the next question. Well for one thing, washing your hands almost never works. For some reason, the soap or water or a combination just doesn't do the trick. If you use a scrubbing / scour pad - that also doesn't work. What does work - and I learned this while walking through the woods of Borneo - is rubbing your hands Oven Door Sealing Rope Manufacturersthrough your hair. When doing this - really get in there and scrub from all angles - as if washing your hair. My theory is that the hair on your head provides a shearing force which can pluck out the fibers. The advantage of hair over a scour pad is that there is bound to be a hair which is perpendicular to the fiber. Finally - when working with fiber glass - getting itchy hands or skin is a relatively benign issue. If you get itchy - the fiber glass will come out on their own eventually. You really need to make sure it doesn't get into your lungs - so make sure to wear a respirator. If not you could end up with lung cancer.