What is the high quality ceramic fiber products' features?


High quality ceramic fiber products are made of high purity synthesized powder as the raw material. The content of harmful impurities (Fe2O3, Na2O, CaO) is less than 1%. This improves the quality and thermal properties of ceramic fiber boards.

The quality of ceramic fiber products is up to the quality ceramic fiber ropeof raw materials, so improving the purity of raw materials is an effective way to improve the quality of ceramic fiber products.

High quality ceramic fiber products have the following advantages:

(1) Their continuous working temperature can reach up to 1000℃, while its short-term working temperature can reach up to 1260℃.

(2) Have good resistance to acid, alkalis and molten metal.

(3) Have good strength at high temperature and good insulation performance.

(4) Cloth, ropes, tapes and yarns made of ceramic fiber fiberglass clothand reinforced with E-glass fiber have better electrical insulation than glass fiber.

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