What is the difference between imitation silk cotton and imitation feather cotton?


"Silk cotton" is essentially different from "cotton" and "silk cotton". Silk cotton, which is also a very good warming material for replacing down and vegetable cotton as clothing fillers, was first developed by Beijing Chengling Textile Products Co., Ltd. around 1993, using ultra-fine silicon-containing hollow short fibers as its main raw material. Some heat-resistant short fibers, the finished product contains very little glue. After calendering and ironing, the surface of the imitation silk is smooth, mercerized, light and thin, delicate in touch, soft, good in heat insulation, extremely washable, non-deformable, and will not run. Silk,feel like feather down,slim texture,surface like silk,pulling force,softness,etc.,and it will not be deformed after repeated washing by washing machine.It is suitable for filling materials for washing and sand washing;apply to high-grade winter clothes and fine fabric clothing , bedding and high-end winter fashion fill, etc., is an ideal alternative to down filled as cotton.

High-grade imitation silk cotton because of its light and thin products, and better warmth, easy to combine with the popular elements, and not easy to absorb moisture, warmth is not easy to reduce, for a large number of high-end fashion and uniform use. It has abandoned the shortcomings of the past plant cottons that have deteriorated and become particularly bloated over time.

At present, the current status of fiberglass cloth in the domestic market is as follows: fish heads are mixed with beads, and as long as the flake that is slightly processed may be called imitation silk cotton, the actual products are quite different. Because the quality is not the same, the fiber formulation is not the same when producing flakes, and the price of the products varies greatly, sometimes blinding the eyes of consumers. With the development of the fiber industry, the imitation silk cotton market has now appeared more high-grade flocks than imitation silk cotton, that is, more thin fibers made of flakes, better thermal performance, more resistant to washing.