What is the characteristic of butyl waterproof sealing tape?


Various plate joints are suitable for waterproof and airtight treatment with butyl tape, for example:
1. Roofing waterproofing, underground waterproofing, waterproofing of structural construction joints and lap joint sealing of polymer waterproofing membranes for new construction.fireplace sealing tape

2. Sealing and waterproofing treatment of subway tunnel structure construction joints in municipal engineering.

3. Steel structure building workshop is used for airtight, waterproof and shock absorption of color profiled steel plate joints.

4. Used for bonding cement, wood, PC, PE, PVC, EPDM, CPE materials.

5. It is used for waterproof and airtight treatment of the joints, the end parts and the special-shaped materials in the waterproof project.

6. The airtight and waterproof treatment of doors and windows of civil houses, the airtight waterproof treatment of ventilation pipes, and architectural decoration can be applied.

Features: high bonding strength, high tensile strength, good elasticity and elongation, and strong adaptability to interface deformation and cracking. Excellent chemical resistance, false twist resistance and corrosion resistance, high temperature 80 °C does not flow, low temperature 40 °C does not crack