What is fiberglass cloth and what are its characteristics?


The basic material of the fiberglass cloth is: alkali-free glass fiber yarn, which is generally made of a reinforced sizing agent. Glass fiber cloth is an indispensable insulating banding material for motors and electrical because of its excellent insulation performance and high temperature resistance. It allows the motor to achieve superior insulation performance, extend the life of the motor, reduce the size and weight.

Features of fiberglass cloth:
1. It has good compatibility with various resins and insulating varnishes, has strong permeability, and is very excellent in electrical properties.
2. It is suitable for the tying and insulation treatment of various electrical coils and insulation parts.
3. Widely used in dry type transformers, air core reactors, electric furnaces.
4. Used to make winding tubes, inclined tubes, antennas, etc.