What is ceramic fiber?


Ceramic fiber is a kind of fibrous lightweight refractory material which combines the excellent properties of traditional thermal insulation materials and refractory materials. Its products cover various fields and are widely used in various industrial sectors. It is a basic material for improving the thermal performance of thermal equipment such as industrial furnaces and heating devices, and achieving light weight and energy saving.ceramic fiber rope
Main chemical composition:
SiO2: 45%-55%
AL2O3: 40%-50%
Fe2O3: 0.8%-1.0%
Na2O+K2O: 0.2-0.5%
Features and uses:
It has low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal stability, chemical stability and non-corrosiveness. The brake lining produced with this fiber has good high temperature resistance and dispersibility, and is suitable for mixing of various mixers.
Suitable for brake linings with high temperature resistance, good heat recovery and low braking noise.