What is a glass rope


The glass fiber rope is woven by a special process. It is an elastic fiberglass rope that is made by an innovative coding method. It has the main properties of resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, etc. It can be used in insulation materials such as motors, meters, and electrical appliances.

1. Excellent heat resistance, the maximum use temperature is 600 °C.
2. Low thermal conductivity. Soft, good heat insulation; 3. Fiberglass rope is non-absorbent, non-corrosive, non-mildew, non-worm-eaten, hardly scattered, and has a certain tensile strength;
4. Excellent aging resistance
5. Good sound absorption, above NRC average requirements;
6. According to the use requirements can be cut, sewing, easy construction.
7. Glass fiber has good electrical insulation properties.
8. Fiberglass is inorganic and never burns.
9. Glass fiber has high tensile strength and length stability

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