What can ceramic fibers be used for?


Lightweight ceramic fiber is a fibrous refractory material, the main chemical ingredient is aluminum silicate, can be classified according to their mineral composition glass fiber and polycrystalline fibers into two categories. Glass fiber is a material from the molten liquid in the cooling flow formed amorphous solid fiber; polycrystalline fiber and more colloid injection method (or rejection wire method) into fiber, high-temperature calcinations generation.
Types and Uses
Ceramic fibervarieties are: ordinary aluminum silicate fiber, high alumina silicate fibers, aluminum silicate fiber (including Cr2O3, ZrO2 or B2O3), polycrystalline alumina fibers and polycrystalline mullite fiber. Form of ceramic fiber products mainly include: ceramic fiber cotton, felt, blanket, modules, paper, cloth, tape, rope, etc.
Ceramic fiberblanket (Fiber Module): use more self-blow, even the melting process is made even thrown Production spun long fibers, the fibers interwoven sided acupuncture can be directly used as a flame hot surface. Widely used in heat insulation petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power and so on.
Ceramic fiber: binder and ceramic fiber additive, after pulping, forming, curing and drying processes are made. Widely used in various heating equipmentceramic fiber rope walls, roof and other parts of the backing, is a heavy refractory.
Ceramic fiber cloth, tape: mainly used in fire doors, insulated industrial furnace insulation, heat pipes and containers.
Ceramic fiber rope: mainly used in various industrial furnaces expansion joints, high temperature pipe insulation winding, insulation and other steel junction.
Ceramic fiberpaper: made ​​of ceramic fibers and binders, additives, after pulping, molding, curing and drying processes made, is sealed, an ideal material for insulation. Can be used for a variety of thermal furnace expansion joints, high temperature gaskets and other parts of the insulation.
Also, the ceramic fiber filter and the catalyst can be applied to a support material, packing materials and friction materials, insulating coatings, reinforcing