What are the characteristics of fiberglass cloth?


The glass fiber cloth is based on a glass fiber woven fabric and is coated with a polymer anti-emulsion. The glass fiber mesh cloth is mainly made of alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth, which is twisted and woven with medium alkali-free glass fiber yarn. So what are the characteristics of fiberglass cloth? Today, Xiaobian will share with you the characteristics of glass fiber cloth.

Glass fiber cloth features one: chemically stable. The glass fiber cloth has good corrosion resistance, and is resistant to alkali, acid, water, cement, and other chemical corrosion, and is used as a wall reinforcing material and a cement product in daily life.Ceramic Fiber Rope Suppliers
Glass fiber cloth features two: good toughness, not easy to deform, good impact resistance performance. In the process of applying fiberglass cloth, it sometimes deforms due to impact such as stretching or gravity, but because of its good toughness, it will return to its original state when it is subjected to the force within the tolerance range, and the use efficiency is high.

Glass fiber cloth features three: glass fiber cloth anti-mildew can also prevent insect damage, many materials are used for a period of time, if you ignore it, it is easy to mold and insects because of environmental factors, and fiberglass cloth because of its better material quality, It is not easy to mold and insects, so its availability is also very large.
Features of glass fiber cloth: fireproof and insulating characteristics, glass fiber cloth is often used as a fireproof material to make fireproof tools. In some construction places, glass fiber cloth can reduce many safety hazards.