The role of insulating fiberglass cloth


Insulating glass fiber cloth is a kind of fiberglass cloth. Its main characteristics are still strong toughness and excellent fire retardant performance. This kind of insulating fiberglass cloth is mainly used for industrial heat insulation, oil pipeline coating and cable. Insulation coating, insulation coating of exhaust pipe, bolt flange connection, oil rig brake shoe, heat radiation, high temperature furnace door curtain and high temperature friction reinforcing material for machinery, insulation of soft and hard pipe, fireproof casing and other insulation protection The insulation of the ship's equipment is superior to asbestos cloth in that it has no dust and no damage to the human body, and is a good substitute for asbestos cloth.

The fiberglass cloth is classified into a high alkali cloth, a medium alkali cloth, and an alkali-free cloth according to the alkali content. The lower the alkali content, the better the flexural and tensile strength. These fabrics can be distinguished according to the conductivity. The high alkali cloth is a conductor, which can be used as a wire, the medium alkali cloth is a semiconductor, and the alkali-free cloth is an insulator.

The glass fiber cloth is made of an alkali-free glass fiber yarn which is treated with a reinforced sizing agent. The sizing agents used have a variety of temperature resistance grades (B-F grades) and are compatible with different resins depending on their composition. This type of product is mainly used for reinforced insulation banding materials for transformers, transformers, motors and other electrical products.