The role and use of glass fiber cloth


Fiberglass tape is a fabric woven from glass fibers (see inorganic fibers). It has the properties of insulation, heat insulation, corrosion resistance, non-combustion, high temperature resistance and high strength. It is mainly used as insulation material, FRP reinforcement material, chemical filter cloth, high pressure steam insulation glass cloth material, fireproof finished product, high elastic transmission belt, construction Materials and wall coverings, etc. The glass is brittle, and the coarser glass fiber is easily broken when woven, so that the fiber diameter generally used for woven glass cloth is 3.8 to 15.5 μm. Glass fiber can be used to develop silk and spun yarn.

The filament is a high-temperature melt-spraying of the material used, which is similar to the spinning of the usual synthetic fiber filament; the short fiber is formed by flowing the melt through the orifice, and then being blown by a compression atmosphere or a high-pressure steam jet, and then After being bundled, twisted, and joined into a glass spun yarn. The weaving essentials of glass cloth are the same as cotton fabrics. A coated fabric is usually made of a resin or the like, and a printed glass cloth can also be produced by using a paint or the like. Pipe anti-corrosion insulation cloth (pipe banding cloth) Product introduction: Use: It is important for pipeline anti-corrosion and heat preservation.

Usage: 1 Anti-corrosion: Firstly derust the pipe, use the density fiber cloth and asphalt coating or other products to coat the outer layer of the pipe at the same time. The same is usually two or three layers. 2 Insulation: After the pipe with the anti-corrosion treatment is finished, after the insulation or insulation pipe is wrapped, use the fiber cloth with the proper width, wrap it around the surface of the insulation layer and then apply the paint or directly wrap the asphalt cloth. Characteristics: anti-corrosion, buried in the ground will not be corrupt, will not be weathered in the air, not afraid of water, not afraid of the sun.

Due to the difference in the demand of the construction unit, the factory has opened the edged fiber cloth on the external insulation material. The product can be supplied in any width, any density, depending on the requirements of the application. The pipeline made by this product is elegant and smooth, and it is the best outer layer product of anti-corrosion insulation on the market today. For other specifications, please order. Glass fiber cloth Product introduction: industrial fiberglass finished products

Uses: It is mainly used for pipeline anti-corrosion, heat preservation, flue {exhaust air duct}, European style, light wall board, sandstone mural, FRP finished products and other series of cement gypsum and other GRC components and thermal insulation board composite board sports board and wall.