Quality requirements for fiberglass cloth


Quality requirements for fiberglass cloth:

1 The fabric is even, the cloth edge is straight, the cloth surface is flat and mat-like, no stains, fluffing, creases, wrinkles, etc.;

2 warp, weft density, area weight, cloth width and roll length are in line with the standard;

3 is wound on a firm paper core and wound up neatly;

4 rapid, good resin permeability;

The dry and wet mechanical strength of the laminate made of 5 fabrics should meet the requirements.

The composite material paved with gingham is characterized by low interlaminar shear strength, poor pressure resistance and fatigue strength. The chopped strand mat cuts the glass strand (sometimes also with roving) into a length of 50 mm, which is randomly but evenly laid on the mesh belt, and then applied with an emulsion binder or a powdered powder on the sprinkle. Bonded into a chopped strand mat. Chopped mat is mainly used in hand lay-up, continuous board and counter-molding and SMC processes.

The quality requirements for chopped strand mat are as follows:

1 The area quality is uniform along the width direction;

2 chopped strands are evenly distributed in the felt surface, no macropores are formed, and the binder is evenly distributed;

3 has a moderate dry felt strength;

4 excellent resin infiltration and permeability.