Polyurethane and Fiber Glass Body kits Comparison


When you chose your car you would have considered many options before you finally chose the make and model of the car that you actually bought. Now that you have got started on considering car aftermarket products you are back to evaluating options. 

A wide variety of body kits are available on the market. You will have a choice of style, color, manufacturer glass fiber productsand a host of other variables. Now a lot of the choices you will be making will be a matter of personal taste and you do not need to inform yourself in depth of the options. However one of the choices you will be making is that of the of the material. For this it is useful if you make an informed choice. 

The choice of material depends on your needs and the driving conditions in your area. For now let us discuss just two popular materials which are used for making body kits. Polyurethane and Fiber glass composite. Both are composite materials which are ideally suited to the manufacture of body kits since they can be easily molded into the desired shape and yet are strong. 








If you were to compare the two materials you would find that Polyurethane is more flexible. This is useful because this means it does not get dented or scratched easily. On the other hand fiber glass retains the paint job much better and the paint is less likely to peel off from a fiber glass body kit. Fiber glass is also able to handle more severe ambient conditions as compared to polyurethane. 

As you can see both materials have their plus points and both materials are very popular. You will find options are available to you for each material. So what material should you choose? Well if any of the above qualities help you decide go with that choice. If the roads in your area are not very good you may prefer the durability of a polyurethane body kit.