One thing that many people don't realize about


Personally, I prefer shooting longbows. I have a 31+ inch draw, while most recurves are designed to be drawn to 28 inches. Overdrawing is hard on the bow, and it hurts my shooting.

One thing that many people don't realize about longbows is just how simple they are to make. I am by no means an expert woodworker, but I have made several longbows using around ten dollars in materials, andChina Oven Door Sealing Rope Suppliers no power tools. I can start with a 2x1 board of red oak (something you can find in any hardware store), a roll of fiberglass tape, some wood glue, and a draw knife, and have a finished bow in under a month. I'm currently shooting a six foot oak longbow with a roughly 40 pound draw that I made myself, and I can outshoot other members of my club with recurves worth several hundred dollars.

However, attempting to stalk game through brush with that bow wouldfireplace sealing tape be a nightmare. Ditto trying to shoot from a tree stand. Shooting it on horseback would be the next best thing to impossible. There is a reason why recurves have become more popular among traditional shooters.