How to make rope/cord from a VHS Tape


Here is my first instructable. How to make rope/cord from a VHS Tape.

(back story) I saved a bunch of recordable VHS tapes from the dumpster. I, like most people, consider VHS to be out-dated and poor quality. So in-turn I wanted to repurpose these tapes. One of my ideas was to make rope / cord from the magnetic tape inside. I was amazed to find no one else has done this (or maybe I didn't look hard enough). Thus starts the instructable.
This step can vary depending on the way you want to open it up. You can unscrew the screws holding it together and it should come right apart (depending on stickers covering where it separates).

Technically you could just try to smash it open if you don't have a screwdriver. However I found these VHS tapes are rather tough to break.

So it is now open and you have the tape. Hopefully the tapefiberglass sealing rope is completely on one spool [Be Kind Please Rewind]. If it is not, manually wind it on to one spool. And cut to separate from the other spool.

Here is the part that takes some practice.

First put your gloves on so you don't get a friction burn (I got one before I put my gloves on)

Now take one end of the tape in one hand and the other end in your other hand (about 12"-16") and stretch it so it thins down to a "string". Don't pull too hard or it will snap. It always eventually snaps ::Note:: You can tie two snapped ends together. If youChina Fiberglass Tape Manufacturers do you'll just end up with a tiny bump in your rope.

After it is stretched, grab another 12"16", stretch that and keep moving up the tape.

I just let mine fall on the floor and wound it up after I got 20-30 feet.

Ounce you get the hang of the stretching, it goes very quick.

I did about 100 feet in about 5-8 minutes.
Wind up your stretched "string" I used the other blank spool that was in the cassette.

As you see in the one picture I barely went through the tape and already have a lot of "string"