How is high silica glass fiber made?


High Silica Glass Fiber High silica glass fiber is a special glass fiber prepared by a ternary system and processed through various special processes. With high temperature resistance, high strength, excellent chemical stability and electrical insulation properties. Suitable for winding processes and finishing processes. Widely used in China Fiberglass Sealing Ropeaerospace technology and daily electronics
Field of surgery. Special performance comparison: 1. High temperature resistance: It can withstand 1700 °C high temperature instantaneously, and can work normally in 1000 °C high temperature environment; 2. High strength: equivalent linear density than general alkali-free glass fiber, 3-5 times higher; Excellent chemical stability and electrical insulation; Product categories: 1. High silica glass fiber yarn 2. High silica glass fiber cloth 3. High silica glass fiber rope 4. High silicon oxygen glass fiber mesh 5. High silicon Oxygen glass fiber mat main application areas: high temperature environment work and electrical insulation