Glass fiber chopped strand


Glass is a substance known for its crispness. Interestingly, once the glass is heated and pulled into a fiberglass that is much thinner than the hair, it seems to completely forget its own nature and become like synthetic fiber. It's so soft, and the toughness is even more than the same thickness of stainless steel wire!

The glass fiber chopped strand is melted by glass and blown into fine and short fibers by high-speed airflow or flame. This becomes glass wool. There is a moisture-proof and ultra-fine glass wool, and more than 200 pieces are combined. A hair is so thick. Glass wool has a strong insulation property, 3 cm thick glass wool, its thermal insulation ability is equivalent to a 1 m thick brick wall! The glass wool has a good sound absorption effect. Therefore it is in many industries. Used as insulation, sound insulation, heat insulation, shockproof and filtration materials.

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