Gasket concept


Gasket is a kind of sealing part, which can fill the gap between two mating surfaces. It is used to join two workpieces with each other, and there will be no leakage even under compression.

Gaskets can fill some irregularities on the surface, thus allowing slight defects in the joint surface of the workpiece. Gaskets are generally made by cutting sheets.China Cotton Wick Suppliers

Gaskets for special applications (such as those used in high-pressure steam systems) may contain asbestos. However, because of the health risks that may be caused by exposure to asbestos, in practice, asbestos-free gasket materials will be used

Generally speaking, the ideal gasket material is a material that can allow a certain degree of deformation, so it can be deformed during assembly to fill the corresponding space (including some slight irregularities). Some gaskets need to be directly sealed on the surface. So that the gasket can work properly.

The gasket used in some pipelines is made entirely of metal and uses a seat surface to achieve sealing. The spring characteristics of the metal itself are used (the stress will be close to the material's undulation strength σy, but will not exceed). This is common in some circular joints (RTJ) or metal gaskets, and is called R-con and E-con compression joints