Cooking oil lamps can be used as a lantern?


In fact, there are many kinds of environmentally friendly oil lamp wick materials. Let me introduce them. For non-commercial purposes, you can also test: pure cotton or toilet paper, grass paper, can be rolled into a wick, used in ancient times as a wick. The wick, the wick is a Chinese herbal medicine, used in the heart of the fire, there is a child with a heart heat Fiberglass Wicks suppliersand easy to lose temper, just use the wick porridge to eat. It is not easy to fix the wick as a wick, so it is easy to burn out or extinguish the fire. It is not convenient to adjust the height of the wick. In fact, the white toilet paper used daily is best used. The paper towel without the perfume can also be used instead. Use, may be considered disrespect! However, as a temporary remote lighting in the remote mountainous areas of tourism, it is very suitable for durability. For example, 50ml of corn oil, wicks made of toilet paper with a diameter of 3~5mm, fixed use of 8~10mm diameter metal nut head, big tail, small toilet paper roll The small position of the wick tail is used for lighting. The large position of the head is used as the center of the fixed nut and sinks under the oil. Generally, 50ml of corn oil can last for 2~3 days, depending on the thickness of the wick and the wick is fine. Resistance to point, but the brightness is smaller, the wick is thicker than the fuel consumption, but the brightness is higher. When the wick is black, it will affect the oil transmission. The brightness will be dark. You can use the stainless steel sharp angle tweezers to repair the watch to remove the black coke ash. It will light up immediately. Generally, it should be adjusted once every 5~10 hours. In fact, you can ignore it. If the oil is not exhausted, it will not be destroyed, unless the oil lamp that is not windproof will pay attention!
Many people do not know what cooking oil is better, people are more concerned about health! Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-toxic and side effects, let me introduce the experience I have used:
Plant oil without smoky can be selected: high-quality corn oil, high-quality corn oil without black smoke, and burning with a slight scent of oil, note that peanut oil will have black smoke! Peanut oil fuel is better than burning oil lamp. After experimenting, corn oil and peanut oil are mixed 1:1. It is found that there is no black oil smoke, and the fragrance is slightly obvious. Because of peanut oil, the smell of corn oil is relatively light. Some edible oils are actually mixed with edible gelatin, the purpose is to save costs and increase the amount of oil, probably mixed with 10~30% varies from person to person, as for soybean oil, rapeseed oil, sesame oil, olive oil, peony oil, sunflower oil , blending oil. . . I have not tried it. If you have the heart, you may wish to test the results yourself. It is time and money not only to buy so many different types of cooking oil. The key is whether the Buddha's heart is there! This is the point!