Characteristics and application of glass fiber filter


The glass fiber filter substrate is a medium-alkali continuous glass fiber twill weave having a thickness of 0.3 to 0.35 mm, and is post-treated with components such as reactive silicone and polytetrafluoroethylene suspension. The filter material is soft, smooth, easy to clean, can be used continuously at 250 ° C, and is inexpensive. It is applied in the dust of the rotary kiln of Xuzhou Cement Plant. The filtration speed is about 0.5m/min, and the filtration efficiency is 99.8%. It is operated by the upper inlet negative pressure and the compartment is condensed. Under the above process conditions, the filter bag has been running for 310 days without any damage. The cumulative 2 year breakage rate is 28%, of which 50% has a bag life of more than 3 years.
The cement production equipment of small and medium-sized cement plants is the machine shaft kiln. The temperature of the tail gas of this kind of kiln fluctuates greatly. When it is low, it can be dew condensation. When it is high, it can exceed the capacity of glass fiber. The problem of dust collection has not been well solved. In the past few years, the use of microcomputer control has solved the problem of excessive fluctuation of flue gas temperature. The use of CWF-3OOPSi filter material has played a good role in the dust collection of the vertical kiln exhaust gas of dozens of cement plants such as Shijing Cement Plant, Boshan Cement Plant, Zibo Cement Plant and Tianjin Cement Plant. The filter substrate is made of medium alkali glass fiber and post-treated with PSi formulation to further improve the folding, abrasion and temperature resistance of the fiberglass cloth.
There are also a large number of mills in the cement industry. The temperature of the exhaust gas emitted by the dryer is low (close to zero temperature), the dust concentration is high, the moisture content is large, and the exhaust gas temperature is close to zero temperature. The use of CWF-300-FCA filter material has a good effect. The filter material adopts a smooth twill fabric structure with a smooth surface and is treated with water. Its wear resistance, folding resistance and water repellency have been improved a lot. After nearly ten years of application, the filter material has good anti-condensation ability and long service life.
The continuous glass fiber filter cloth is suitable for various bag type dust collectors with no skeleton internal filter backflushing (back suction) wind or shrink bag cleaning in the middle of the filter bag, and the filtration speed is generally below 0.5 m/min. Excessive speed can easily blow the filter bag or cause diafiltration. In the cement industry, the dust point is promoted more, and the price is cheaper than the same thickness of the bulky yarn filter.