Sealing rope can be made of fiberglass or aluminosilicate fibers (ceramic). Both materials are characterized by very good insulating properties, but there are some differences between them.

Ceramic cord is much more resistant to high temperatures (up to 1260°C or 2300°F) and hot flushes (up to 1800°C or 3272°F). Due to its square cross section it adheres better fireplace sealing ropeto the surface, and its assembly is simpler.

Fiberglass rope can tolerate temperatures up to 550°C or 1022°F, softening only at 840°C or 1544°F. A round shape of the rope makes the installation harder and more arduous. Sealing tapes from Steigner are self-adhesive.

Both ropes can be irritating when in close contact with skin, eyes or respiratory tract. The use of protective gloves and googles is recommended during installation. Ceramic ropes are less dusty than fiberglass seals.