Carbon fibre cloth application performance in building reinforcement


Carbon fiber cloth application performance in building reinforcement:

1) Missing reinforcement

2) Beam and column fracture reinforcement

3) Adding seismic reinforcement

4) Overhead and bridge maintenance reinforcement

5) Shear wall door reinforcement

6) Balcony root fracture reinforcement

A Light weight, can operate in a small space fireplace sealing tape, the construction process is not affected

B The use of high strength, can be flexibly used in bending, shearing and compression engineering structures

C has excellent flexibility and can wrap complex shape components

D satisfies the anti-alkali and chemical resistance requirements of various component surfaces (bridges, tunnels, slabs, beams, columns, ventilation barrels, pipes, walls, etc.)

E can be reused for fabrics, covering the flat; has a small impact on the decoration, long shelf life; allowable long operating time, allow the environment to have some differences before, during and after the operation

F High temperature resistance, creep resistance, wear resistance, good shock resistance