Can a velociraptor break fibre glass?


What kind of fibre glass? because most fiberglass is actually pretty fragile, you know, being made from glass and all. It’s only after applying it does it typically gain its strength. For example; fiberglass tape for bathroom shower walls can be torn or cut with a simple dull blade. Similarly is the fiberglass used in boats, however once its encased in Fiberglass Lamp Wicks Manufacturerresin or something similar its very very strong and extremely durable.

Its the same story for Kevlar and carbon fibre. Kevlar typically isn't encased in a plasticizer but it requires several layers to be effectively strong against an impact or blade as it were.

I don’t know how strong a velociraptor was and I imagine no one really does either.

I do know however that judging by its physical size, Hollywood’s China Oven Door Sealing Rope Manufacturersportrayal of intelligence, and it’s claws. I would firmly speculate that yes, there are several forms of fiberglass that velociraptors could be able to break. However there are many examples where I don’t think so. For example many fishing poles are made of fiberglass, as well as lots of sports equipment.

Do I think a velociraptor could break through someone hiding under a boat? No.

Do I think they could flip the boat over? Yes

Do I think if you closed a gate and used a fiberglass fishing pole, or fiberglass golf club to bar the gate shut? Probably Not.