Application of polycrystalline mullite fiber in kiln


The main product of the ultra-light high-temperature refractory material is polycrystalline mullite fiber, which is a kind of thermal insulation material with small heat capacity, small bulk density, low thermal conductivity, and good thermal sensitivity.

Ultra-lightweight high-temperature refractories are now widely used in shuttle kiln, tunnel kiln, roller kiln, bell kiln of machinery industry, and other thermal equipments in ceramic industry as lining of kiln furnace. The use of ultra-light high-temperature refractory material as the inner lining on the continuous heating furnace of rolling mills with frequent changes in the specification of steel grades, with an overall energy saving of up to 56 %; it can be used for lining of intermittent electric heating furnaces ceramic fiber cloth, which can be more pronounced The energy saving rate can be as high as about 30%.

The application of polycrystalline mullite fiber in the lining of kiln furnace can choose different types and thicknesses of super lightweight high-temperature refractory material as the inner lining according to the different requirements of the furnace temperature and the working environment, which can not only greatly reduce the furnace furnace wall. The thickness, but also can greatly reduce the weight of the furnace, speed up the furnace heating rate.