Alumina fiber in high-end applications


The new material industry, as one of the ten strategic areas for China's seven strategic emerging industries and the “Made in China 2025” key development, is a key area in the “13th Five-Year Plan” National Science and Technology Innovation Plan, and it is the industrial basis for the entire manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading. 

Alumina fiber acupuncture blanket due to outstanding product advantages, core manufacturing technology has been strictly sealed by the developed countries, and China's long-term dependence on imports of this product.

A very large application market for ceramic fiber cloth acupuncture blankets is the three-way catalytic converter gasket in the exhaust gas treatment equipment for the high-end automotive industry. Currently, the sealing gaskets for the automotive industry are monopolized by Japanese Mitsubishi, Japanese IBIDEN, and US 3M companies. In addition, alumina continuous fiber can be processed into alumina and alumina fiber cloths, and is a material for high-temperature and fire-resistant fields such as aerospace and defense.

The successful development of the alumina fiber acupuncture blanket solved the key equipment problem that restricted the industrialization of alumina fiber, realized the industrialization and localization of alumina fiber, broke the technical blockade of European and American countries, and provided key materials for the military industry, promoting The development of high-end industries such as the aerospace war industry lays a solid foundation; upgrades the manufacturing technology of China's high-tech inorganic fibers, drives major breakthroughs in high-tech fiber industries such as zirconia, silicon carbide, etc.; and reduces the procurement costs of alumina products for domestic companies. Save a lot of foreign exchange funds.