Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh can be used in many industries


Glass fiber cloth is a special fiber cloth woven from glass fiber. It has strong toughness and excellent tensile strength. It is often used as a base fabric for the production of many materials. Glass fiber mesh cloth is a kind of glass fiber cloth, which is more delicate than fiberglass sealing rope. Depending on the glass fiber used, glass fiber mesh cloth is usually divided into alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh and alkali-free. Glass fiber mesh and medium alkali glass fiber mesh.
Compared with general alkali-free and medium-alkali glass fibers, alkali-resistant glass fiber has obvious advantages, good alkali resistance, high tensile strength, strong corrosion resistance in cement and other strong alkali media, and is glass fiber. An irreplaceable enhancement in enhanced cement products (GRC).
Alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh is the base material of glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC). With the deepening of wall reform and economic development, GRC has been widely used in the construction of surface wall panels, insulation boards, duct boards, garden pieces and Art sculpture, civil engineering and many other uses. It is capable of manufacturing some products and components that are difficult or unmatched by reinforced concrete. It can be used for non-load-bearing, non-required load-bearing, semi-load-bearing construction components, decoration parts, agricultural and livestock equipment and other occasions.
The alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth is made of medium-alkali and alkali-free glass fiber mesh cloth, and is processed by acrylic copolymer copolymer glue. The mesh cloth has high strength, alkali resistance and acid resistance, and is bonded with resin. Strong, soluble in styrene, hard, and excellent positioning, mainly used for reinforcing materials of cement, plastic, asphalt, roofing and wall. It is mainly used for GRC pre-laying, alteration or mechanization, especially suitable for on-site construction of external wall insulation projects.