4 kinds of carbon fiber cloths are not classified


4 different classifications of carbon fiberglass cloth:

One press carbon fiber yarn:

1. PAN based carbon fiber cloth (more than 90% of the market is carbon fiber cloth);

2. Viscose-based carbon fiber cloth;

3. Pitch-based carbon fiber cloth

Second, according to carbon fiber specifications:

1.1K carbon fiber cloth;

2.3K carbon fiber cloth;

3.6K carbon fiber cloth;

4.12K carbon fiber cloth;

5.24K and above large tow carbon fiber cloth

Three carbon fiber carbonization points:
1. Graphitized carbon fiber cloth can withstand 2000--3000 degrees high temperature;

2. Carbon fiber cloth, can withstand high temperatures around 1000 degrees;

Pre-oxidation carbon fiber cloth, can withstand 200--300 degrees high temperature

Four according to the weaving method:

1. Woven carbon fiber cloth, mainly include: plain weave, twill weave, satin weave, unidirectional cloth, etc.;

2. Knitted carbon fiber cloths, mainly include warp-knitted fabrics, weft-knitted fabrics, circular knitting (casing), flat knitting (ribbing), etc.;

3. Braided carbon fiber cloth, mainly include: casing, packing, braiding, two-dimensional cloth, three-dimensional cloth, three-dimensional woven cloth;

4. Pre-impregnated carbon fiber cloth, including: dry prepreg cloth, wet prepreg cloth, unidirectional prepreg cloth, prepreg tape, no care cloth, a cloth, etc.;

5. Carbon fiber non-woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics, ie, carbon fiber felts, carbon felts, including chopped strand mats, continuous mats, surface mats, needle felts, stitched mats, and the like.